About Oggy Oggy

Oggy Oggy is a series aimed at 3 to 6-year-olds and featuring the adventures of a unique little blue cat: Oggy Oggy! Games, adventures and friends fill Oggy Oggy’s life with fun! Oggy Oggy is curious… and very daring. He’s always up for new experiences! If he can help a friend out in the process… well, the more, the merrier – because that means more laughs! His clumsiness often leads to mistakes, but his exceptional resourcefulness allows him to achieve great things. His wacky ideas always seem to work!

Oggy Oggy is a tender, playful series, full of adventure, emotion and imagination!

Oggy Oggy's realm

Oggy Oggy’s realm is composed of several little worlds: the Pirate’s world with his own island, the Farmer’s world with his wind turbine, tractor and barn, the Space Men’s world filled with planets, stars and rockets… Without forgetting the Underwater World, the Town, the Wild Cat’s forest and many, many other fascinating places to discover!

The series values

Imagination and Creativity

Just as the Firefighters have a firetruck, and the Pirate his boat, Oggy Oggy has both his imagination which provides him with unlimited access to different destinations, and his creativity, to make his dreams and other cats’ dreams come true. Oggy Oggy brings cats together. His creativity means he can adapt to every situation!

Don’t be afraid, and dare to explore!

For Oggy Oggy, the world is a playground, full of opportunities to explore. Like a child, he’s amazed by everything and everyone around him. If his boisterous “jack of all trades” attitude sometimes upsets usual habits… it’s a way of showing children that it’s good to see things in a new way!

Help others and make a Better World

Oggy Oggy cares about others. The series promotes the values of friendship, sharing and mutual help. Oggy Oggy alters the world that surrounds him by making it prettier, more whimsical, more open, happier, more ecological, less selfish… and much more poetic!

Differences are important!

Oggy Oggy is unique, and that particularity is his strength. With Oggy Oggy, we understand that the sum of our differences plus the capacity to listen to each other means we can be much stronger together. In short: let’s be proud of our differences, and share them with everyone else!