Meet Oggy Oggy and all his friends!

Oggy Oggy

Inventive, altruistic, optimistic, curious, imaginative and determined


Active, energetic, adventurous and courageous


Geek, gentle, thoughtful and faithful

There are lots of other cats in Oggy Oggy’s community!

The Firefighters

Meticulous and disciplined, ever ready to take action, whatever the emergency!

The Policemen

Fussy and polite: they take their job to heart, and they are never without their whistle!

The Farmers

The Farmer likes taking care of her sheep most of all … and cuddling them! The Farmer Man grows what’s necessary for the pleasure of all cats… like delicious raspberry juice!

The Pirate

Cantankerous and gruff, he likes treasure, adventures and long naps. A true pirate!

The Spacemen

They live in space and keep up repairs, like changing the stars’ lightbulbs, or running the vacuum cleaner across the Milky Way…